a tour with Rhob Cunningham (canoe concerts #7)

sometimes strange and wonderful things happen. last Saturday I was thinking about taking the canoe in the evening to find some musicians when I got an email from Rhob Cunningham, an Irish singer and guitar player, asking me if he could play. Recently moved to Berlin a flatmate of his had writen a note on one of my little pieces of paper with my contact on it. He said he’s always free, so I tested him by saying, what about tonight? The result was a wonderful evening full of music, another friend joining us for the trip and a full moon so incredible I don’t think I have seen a better one…
We started out at Thielenbrücke with a very recent song of Rhob’s, “Wait until the Sun grows cold” A beautiful piece of music and the urban surrounding added some nice special audio effects as you can see and hear in the video. We later recorded a number of other songs some of which are from Rhob’s upcoming Album ( I hope its soon! These songs are jewels!) These will be online at some point. We also already made a lot of plans for future concerts, make sure to save the date on 28th of June, when we will do an open session at Hobrechtbrücke from around six o’clock in the evening…more info will follow. For now, enjoy this:

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