De la Fontaine, “Lady of the Sea” – Canoe Concerts# 12

It might sound strange, but after I had done about seven or eight Canoe Concerts and especially after Rhob Cunninghams performance, I don’t really have to find musicians anymore, they find me. With a lot of requests, I mixed it up the other day and had asked one of the musicians if he was ready for the session the next day. I had thought we had a date, but it was actually with someone else. Anyway, he apologized and said he didn’t have the songs ready yet. I thought that this was a bit of a shame and he could have told me earlier. So he told me that a friend was interested, and he immediately jumped in. AN hour later I found out that the guy I did actually have a date with the next day was someone else and still coming. So I did two concerts and the guy that jumped in is Michael de la Fontaine. I have to say I am really happy this happened. Enjoy:

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