Canoe Conerts on Tour: Friedrich Jr. “Gestern bin ich draußen gewesen” on Südensee

I am on holiday right now (actually just visiting friends and family) in nothern germany and denmark, and when planing the trip I thought about taking the canoe on the roof of my father’s car we’ve borrowed. Then I got the idea that I could do some canoe concerts in the different places we would go… The first of these concerts, which I will post when they are ready, so outside my normal one-video-every-friday routine, is of the band called Friedrich Jr. from a place very close to where I grew up, in the most northern part of Germany. My brother recently joined the group and they play just the music to be heard on a canoe on a nice lake in a warm northern summer evening. It was the first time I had three musicians in the canoe, while paddling from the very back. it worked out very well…enjoy:

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