Southern Gothic Tales plays “Drunk and Mad or High and Sad”

When canoe concerts had just started my good friend Christoph, who lives in Copenhagen and works for a record label there, was immediately in for a cooperation. We had a look at a number of bands that would fit. One was Marstal:Lidell another one was Southern Gothic Tales. Anders Riis, who is the bands front man really wanted to play under the bridge, so we decided to do the concert when he was in Berlin to promote the band’s new album “I’m an Island”. We recorded three songs, the first one being the beautiful “Drunk and Mad or High and Sad”

Roy Dahan plays “Does Anyone Know” in Canoe Concerts #18

When I started of with canoe concerts the idea was to take the musicians on board who were sitting at the canal practicing their instruments. after a while other musicians contacted me and asked if they could come on board for a concert. By now I have so many musicians interested that I need to start thinking about how to choose the ones that actually get to do a concert, a process which I very much dislike to be honest. An absolute high point of my project was when some weeks ago it wasn’t even a musician that asked me but a manager!! Roy Dahan’s music is probably one of the most listened to music I have had on my canoe, and for a good reason. His voice in itself is amazing, as you will see in this beautiful performance under Hobrechtbrücke. We did only one take of this song, it was perfect right from the start.

Stephanie Grace plays “Dollar Bills”

When Georgie Fisher had played in my canoe she suggested I should take her sister out in the canoe as well. Great I thought, if she is half as good as her sister it will be awesome…
The style is very different and yet they definitely share the talent! Steph played three songs, for now I chose the fastest one, because of the amazing atmosphere and the fact that we had a blow up paddle boat with seven spaniards, another paddler in his canoe and a woman daringly standing under the bridge to listen…

Georgie Fisher and Harry Leatherby play “Blue”

Sometimes life throws opportunities at you and this was definitly the case with Georgie Fisher and Harry Leatherby, who where just setting up their equipment on Hobrechtbrücke, a popular bridge for people to sit and musicians to busk in the evening, when I saw them. The bridge connects to very popular places, kreuzberg an northern neukölln. They were immediately in for a concert and played two songs the first of which was “blue”, a delightful piece that has a very special “flow” (sorry have no better word).
Thanks to you two, enjoy:

Rasmus Ahlmark Jensen plays “Sirens”, in Copenhagen

When I posted on Facebook that I would take my canoe on tour to Copenhagen a friend immediately suggested Rasmus Ahlmark Jensen should come and play. We met behind Christiania and recorded three songs, while around us people where playing polo kayak, paddling on SUPs and driving small motorboats around, so we had to do some tracks a couple of times. It was a really nice day and my favorite song is “Sirens” a story set at sea, so what better song to sing on a canoe….

Maria-Faith plays “Two” – Canoe concerts #14

Most of the time the musicians I take on my canoe need a couple of takes before we have a take of a song they are happy with. Sometimes a boat passes or someone screams something from the side. Most of the times people are simply a bit overwhelmed with the sound under the bridge and need some time to adjust their playing to the surrounding. With Irish artist Maria-Faith it was a whole different experience. We sat on the canoe, she played the three songs she had prepared and we were done. Here is the one I enjoyed most, also because of the amazing lights…

Daniel T, “Fire” – Canoe Concerts #13

I got daniel recommended by another musician, he told me her voice was awesome. And it turned out to be. We did a total of eighteen!!! takes of various songs because that day it seemed all everyone wanted to do was to drive speedboats on the landwehrkanal…the final take of this song, called “fire” and written the very same morning, went uninterrupted. I think this could well be a full o radio hit but see for yourself and enjoy:

De la Fontaine, “Lady of the Sea” – Canoe Concerts# 12

It might sound strange, but after I had done about seven or eight Canoe Concerts and especially after Rhob Cunninghams performance, I don’t really have to find musicians anymore, they find me. With a lot of requests, I mixed it up the other day and had asked one of the musicians if he was ready for the session the next day. I had thought we had a date, but it was actually with someone else. Anyway, he apologized and said he didn’t have the songs ready yet. I thought that this was a bit of a shame and he could have told me earlier. So he told me that a friend was interested, and he immediately jumped in. AN hour later I found out that the guy I did actually have a date with the next day was someone else and still coming. So I did two concerts and the guy that jumped in is Michael de la Fontaine. I have to say I am really happy this happened. Enjoy:

Ray Mann, “So Long Farewell” Canoe Concerts #11

Since I have started the project I already had musicians not only from various regions of this planet but also with very different approaches to music and the role music plays in their lives. On the one end are people that play mostly for themselves or friends. On the other end are the professionals. One of the them is Ray Mann, who has performed with astounding people like Al Green and Lauryn Hill. That he can do without them just fine you can hear here:

a tour with Rhob Cunningham (canoe concerts #7)

sometimes strange and wonderful things happen. last Saturday I was thinking about taking the canoe in the evening to find some musicians when I got an email from Rhob Cunningham, an Irish singer and guitar player, asking me if he could play. Recently moved to Berlin a flatmate of his had writen a note on one of my little pieces of paper with my contact on it. He said he’s always free, so I tested him by saying, what about tonight? The result was a wonderful evening full of music, another friend joining us for the trip and a full moon so incredible I don’t think I have seen a better one…
We started out at Thielenbrücke with a very recent song of Rhob’s, “Wait until the Sun grows cold” A beautiful piece of music and the urban surrounding added some nice special audio effects as you can see and hear in the video. We later recorded a number of other songs some of which are from Rhob’s upcoming Album ( I hope its soon! These songs are jewels!) These will be online at some point. We also already made a lot of plans for future concerts, make sure to save the date on 28th of June, when we will do an open session at Hobrechtbrücke from around six o’clock in the evening…more info will follow. For now, enjoy this:

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