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Canoe concerts when the canoe goes traveling

Rasmus Ahlmark Jensen plays “Sirens”, in Copenhagen

When I posted on Facebook that I would take my canoe on tour to Copenhagen a friend immediately suggested Rasmus Ahlmark Jensen should come and play. We met behind Christiania and recorded three songs, while around us people where playing polo kayak, paddling on SUPs and driving small motorboats around, so we had to do some tracks a couple of times. It was a really nice day and my favorite song is “Sirens” a story set at sea, so what better song to sing on a canoe….

Salamanda – Canoe Concerts on tour in Flensburg

Salamanda is a band from Flensburg, the town I went to school in. They have just finished their first album and are currently looking to release it. We met on short notice when I decided to take a trip to Flensburg for the last weekend of our family holiday. The setting was Ostseebad, a beach I used to jog to in winter to take a short swim in the ice cold water and spent a lot of time in summer with friends. It was pretty windy and in one take I was afraid the canoe might be blown out to the baltic see, never to be seen again with this promising band on board. In the end we did two songs, the first one is “Visions of Thunder”. Enjoy:

Canoe Concerts in Copenhagen: marstal:lidell, “I mit hjerte er en rytme”

When thinking to come to Copenhagen for a couple of concerts I asked my high-school friend Christoph if he could recommend any bands/ solo artist, since he is in the Danish music business. From a number of bands I picked marstal:lidell. I had not seen them live, but I thought it would be interesting to see what they would make of the setting…
The session was held behind Christiania, in Christianshavn. Unfortunately the marxophone (yeah, I know, to be honest I didn’t know it was called that before either!) is rather loud, but hey!, it is a live take on a canoe!!! The song is dedicated to Jonas Thomsen Sekyere R.I.P..

Canoe Conerts on Tour: Friedrich Jr. “Gestern bin ich draußen gewesen” on Südensee

I am on holiday right now (actually just visiting friends and family) in nothern germany and denmark, and when planing the trip I thought about taking the canoe on the roof of my father’s car we’ve borrowed. Then I got the idea that I could do some canoe concerts in the different places we would go… The first of these concerts, which I will post when they are ready, so outside my normal one-video-every-friday routine, is of the band called Friedrich Jr. from a place very close to where I grew up, in the most northern part of Germany. My brother recently joined the group and they play just the music to be heard on a canoe on a nice lake in a warm northern summer evening. It was the first time I had three musicians in the canoe, while paddling from the very back. it worked out very well…enjoy:

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