Stig Pham Huu Tri playing canoe concerts number 9

Last weekend we had our open session for 48 Hours Neukölln. Some of the footage will be online at some point. Afterwards I was on my way back with the canoe when my brother and I heard the the football game between Brazil and Chile would be decided in a penalty shoot out. So we stopped and watched it with about eighty other people at a little “Imbiss” on Ohlauer Str. Here we met Stig Pham Huu Tri who walked by with a guitar. We asked if he was interested to play and so he did…We did a couple of takes, but only the first one was under good light conditions. I like it because we also had some unexpected audience and I especially like the ending with two swans appearing…enjoy:

#6: Ruth-Maria Adam plays violin under the Wildenbruchbrücke

The second concert I recorded was with Ruth-Maria Adam already more than a month ago. I waited a bit because similar to the first concert with Bastian Hagedorn it is a rather experimental piece and I wanted to have a couple more “traditional” pieces in between. I really like the dramatic impro of Ruth and am happy to now show it to all of you now….enjoy!

canoe concerts #2: milaim kas from belgium

on saturday I was out to pick up musicians for canoe concerts. for the first time I asked strangers to play and so they did….milaim was playing for his girlfriend on the side of the canal near thielenbrücke (the bridge that connects panier and ohlauer strasse). he played several pieces, one of which you can hear and see here…more might follow one day.


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