Music offside the mainstream

Canoe Concerts in Copenhagen: marstal:lidell, “I mit hjerte er en rytme”

When thinking to come to Copenhagen for a couple of concerts I asked my high-school friend Christoph if he could recommend any bands/ solo artist, since he is in the Danish music business. From a number of bands I picked marstal:lidell. I had not seen them live, but I thought it would be interesting to see what they would make of the setting…
The session was held behind Christiania, in Christianshavn. Unfortunately the marxophone (yeah, I know, to be honest I didn’t know it was called that before either!) is rather loud, but hey!, it is a live take on a canoe!!! The song is dedicated to Jonas Thomsen Sekyere R.I.P..

#6: Ruth-Maria Adam plays violin under the Wildenbruchbrücke

The second concert I recorded was with Ruth-Maria Adam already more than a month ago. I waited a bit because similar to the first concert with Bastian Hagedorn it is a rather experimental piece and I wanted to have a couple more “traditional” pieces in between. I really like the dramatic impro of Ruth and am happy to now show it to all of you now….enjoy!

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