Bright Bridges

Sun and water create amazing background for these videos

Stephanie Grace plays “Dollar Bills”

When Georgie Fisher had played in my canoe she suggested I should take her sister out in the canoe as well. Great I thought, if she is half as good as her sister it will be awesome…
The style is very different and yet they definitely share the talent! Steph played three songs, for now I chose the fastest one, because of the amazing atmosphere and the fact that we had a blow up paddle boat with seven spaniards, another paddler in his canoe and a woman daringly standing under the bridge to listen…

Georgie Fisher and Harry Leatherby play “Blue”

Sometimes life throws opportunities at you and this was definitly the case with Georgie Fisher and Harry Leatherby, who where just setting up their equipment on Hobrechtbrücke, a popular bridge for people to sit and musicians to busk in the evening, when I saw them. The bridge connects to very popular places, kreuzberg an northern neukölln. They were immediately in for a concert and played two songs the first of which was “blue”, a delightful piece that has a very special “flow” (sorry have no better word).
Thanks to you two, enjoy:

Maria-Faith plays “Two” – Canoe concerts #14

Most of the time the musicians I take on my canoe need a couple of takes before we have a take of a song they are happy with. Sometimes a boat passes or someone screams something from the side. Most of the times people are simply a bit overwhelmed with the sound under the bridge and need some time to adjust their playing to the surrounding. With Irish artist Maria-Faith it was a whole different experience. We sat on the canoe, she played the three songs she had prepared and we were done. Here is the one I enjoyed most, also because of the amazing lights…

canoe concerts #2: milaim kas from belgium

on saturday I was out to pick up musicians for canoe concerts. for the first time I asked strangers to play and so they did….milaim was playing for his girlfriend on the side of the canal near thielenbrücke (the bridge that connects panier and ohlauer strasse). he played several pieces, one of which you can hear and see here…more might follow one day.


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