Monthly Archives: September 2014

Southern Gothic Tales plays “Drunk and Mad or High and Sad”

When canoe concerts had just started my good friend Christoph, who lives in Copenhagen and works for a record label there, was immediately in for a cooperation. We had a look at a number of bands that would fit. One was Marstal:Lidell another one was Southern Gothic Tales. Anders Riis, who is the bands front man really wanted to play under the bridge, so we decided to do the concert when he was in Berlin to promote the band’s new album “I’m an Island”. We recorded three songs, the first one being the beautiful “Drunk and Mad or High and Sad”

Roy Dahan plays “Does Anyone Know” in Canoe Concerts #18

When I started of with canoe concerts the idea was to take the musicians on board who were sitting at the canal practicing their instruments. after a while other musicians contacted me and asked if they could come on board for a concert. By now I have so many musicians interested that I need to start thinking about how to choose the ones that actually get to do a concert, a process which I very much dislike to be honest. An absolute high point of my project was when some weeks ago it wasn’t even a musician that asked me but a manager!! Roy Dahan’s music is probably one of the most listened to music I have had on my canoe, and for a good reason. His voice in itself is amazing, as you will see in this beautiful performance under Hobrechtbr├╝cke. We did only one take of this song, it was perfect right from the start.

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