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Canoe Conerts on Tour: Friedrich Jr. “Gestern bin ich draußen gewesen” on Südensee

I am on holiday right now (actually just visiting friends and family) in nothern germany and denmark, and when planing the trip I thought about taking the canoe on the roof of my father’s car we’ve borrowed. Then I got the idea that I could do some canoe concerts in the different places we would go… The first of these concerts, which I will post when they are ready, so outside my normal one-video-every-friday routine, is of the band called Friedrich Jr. from a place very close to where I grew up, in the most northern part of Germany. My brother recently joined the group and they play just the music to be heard on a canoe on a nice lake in a warm northern summer evening. It was the first time I had three musicians in the canoe, while paddling from the very back. it worked out very well…enjoy:

De la Fontaine, “Lady of the Sea” – Canoe Concerts# 12

It might sound strange, but after I had done about seven or eight Canoe Concerts and especially after Rhob Cunninghams performance, I don’t really have to find musicians anymore, they find me. With a lot of requests, I mixed it up the other day and had asked one of the musicians if he was ready for the session the next day. I had thought we had a date, but it was actually with someone else. Anyway, he apologized and said he didn’t have the songs ready yet. I thought that this was a bit of a shame and he could have told me earlier. So he told me that a friend was interested, and he immediately jumped in. AN hour later I found out that the guy I did actually have a date with the next day was someone else and still coming. So I did two concerts and the guy that jumped in is Michael de la Fontaine. I have to say I am really happy this happened. Enjoy:

Ray Mann, “So Long Farewell” Canoe Concerts #11

Since I have started the project I already had musicians not only from various regions of this planet but also with very different approaches to music and the role music plays in their lives. On the one end are people that play mostly for themselves or friends. On the other end are the professionals. One of the them is Ray Mann, who has performed with astounding people like Al Green and Lauryn Hill. That he can do without them just fine you can hear here:

Stig Pham Huu Tri playing canoe concerts number 9

Last weekend we had our open session for 48 Hours Neukölln. Some of the footage will be online at some point. Afterwards I was on my way back with the canoe when my brother and I heard the the football game between Brazil and Chile would be decided in a penalty shoot out. So we stopped and watched it with about eighty other people at a little “Imbiss” on Ohlauer Str. Here we met Stig Pham Huu Tri who walked by with a guitar. We asked if he was interested to play and so he did…We did a couple of takes, but only the first one was under good light conditions. I like it because we also had some unexpected audience and I especially like the ending with two swans appearing…enjoy:

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